Peter Frühmann

Stories to fuel transformation and innovation


European Projects (Erasmus+)

Storybag is also busy in the field of (Adult) Education within the Erasmus+ program of the European Commission.




Storybag has designed and facilitated courses within the Grundtvig program:


In 2013 the course ‘Strengthening the Community by Storytelling’ has been honoured with an International Encouragement Award by Learn for Life.


In 2014 Storybag organized the course ‘Orality, Oracy and Literacy – Facilitating Adult literacy through Storytelling’.


From 2012 - 2014 Storybag was an associate partner of In-Dialogue in the KA3 international partnership ‘T-Story’. In this project I was involved as co-author of a digital course and handbook. The project finished in October 2014.



New projects

From September 2014 to September 2016 I am involved in three Erasmus+ projects:

- Raising Strong and Resilient Communities (a narrative approach to self-empowerment of communities)

-SINBAD (a journey to promote key competences in early childhood education through storytelling)

- GuLL (Guerila Literacy Learners)


From September 2015:

Artful Leader (developing a new generation of servant leaders through a combination of the Servant Leadership competences + arts-based learning + digital outputs)


From September 2016:

StoryTeller (developing ECVET courses for story workers who (woud like) to work with people at risk)



There are people. There are stories. Stories help us to adapt and to connect.

Gouda, The Netherlands

Zaragoza, Spain

Ballykelly, Northern Ireland

Ballykelly, Northern Ireland