There are people. There are stories. Stories help us to adapt and to connect.

Peter Frühmann

Stories to fuel transformation and innovation




This is what course- and workshop participants concluded about the power of working with stories


Business / organizations:

  • It helps significantly to assess the organizational climate
  • It helps exploring and analyzing the (personal) experiences of employees
  • It helps to establish more (and better) alignment between management and employees
  • The power of metaphor enhances vision
  • In recruitment it works both ways:
  • it helps the organization (and HR) to present herself
  • it also helps the individual to present him/herself better in job interviews



  • It helps to make communication more personal
  • It creates new ways of communication (figurative)
  • It creates credible communication towards employees
  • It delivers new ways to monitor, and give (or get) feedback
  • The power of metaphor enhances vision



  • It helps to understand context better
  • It enhances memory
  • It passes knowledge in an understandable way
  • It can make learning fascinating
  • It supports understanding of complex issues
  • It enhances social / critical / emotional skills
  • It stimulates creativity and imagination
  • It enhances anticipation in certain / important situations
  • It makes you think / reflect / open up