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8 November 2018:

A well received StoryTeller presentation and workshop at the Euroguidance Conference in Vienna

Euroguidance Austria hosted the conference “Lifelong Guidance in a dynamic labour market: to achieve, to facilitate, to empower”.

StoryTeller partner BBRZ had been invited to organize a method table there en to prepare a workshop. Ingrid Pammer of BBRZ invited Peter Frühmann (Storybag) to join forces and facilitate a workshop around storytelling, based on our project’s methodological background and narrative techniques.

Quote from the organizer (who had also particpated), speaking also for the participants: “Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. I thought it was very inspiring and with a lot of takeaways for myself. I heard the same things from all participants.” One of our participants was Alison Crabb, Head of Unit “Skills and Qualifications” of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion of the European Commission , who had given an interesting key note on  the most current strategy development within Europe, among it the “Upskilling Pathways”-strategy and the “European Pillar of Social Rights”.


1-5 October 2018:

Successful Train-The-Trainer for StoryTeller in Limavady

Our “Working with Stories” took place in Limavady, Northern-Ireland in the first week of October. And it is not the end, we still have an interesting and inspiring journey ahead of us.

The training and the evaluation of this activity made us realise even more what a complex topic the project is addressing. Transferring the experience gained and the knowledge acquired to the national piloting experiences in a variety of different settings of working with people at risk will be taking us on an interesting journey in the next weeks.


More about the train-the-trainer week in our 3rd Newsletter. Download it here!


7 June 2018: a very inspiring Artful Leader final conference in Porto.

 Advancis, the leading partner in the Artful Leader consortium had organized the end conference of this inspiring project. The ditgital toolkit we had designed for educators and trainers and students with an interest in servant leadership was very well received. We had around 200 enthusiastic participants who stayed the whole day , to not miss out one of the presentations and/or workshops we had prepared.  Storybag held two workshops on 'working with (personal stories in orgaisations'. Visit the project website for more information on this project.a better perception of their current and future situation and that reflecting on their stories and the stories of others had not only helped them personally but also had strengthened the relationships within the group. They realized that it had had a strong effect on collaboration and helping the other with his/her story. Working together to get a clear picture of a future story of the individual (with some surprising stories of new entrepreneurship) and telling these stories was an exhilarating finale.




With co-trainer Ingrid Pammer (BBRZ Austria)

With co-trainer Luigi Frezza (UNIPOSMS Italy)

Workshop 'Storytelling in Organizations)

There are people. There are stories. Stories help us to adapt and to connect.

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