Peter Frühmann

Stories to fuel transformation and innovation


The SINBAD project and the RSRC (Raising Strong and Resilient Communities) project have received Good Practice labels from thr Erasmus+ programme.


Storybag is partner in diverse European educational projects. The combined knowledge and experience of project partners provides opportunities to explore the wide applicability of narrative approaches and story work. It also helps to come up with new and innovative approaches and methods, examine and test them, and share them with the European community and beyond.


The results show that working with and through stories has effect, not only in the real world but also in the digital one.

In the course of the projects (and in our daily work) we also develop manuals, workshops and trainings within different areas, all of them a solid basis for organisational, community- and educational work.



In our daily practice, clients will always get tailor-made proposals. I do not believe in ‘the’ method or approach, but in the most suitable and appropriate mix. People differ, cultures differ; communities and organisations differ.

Listening to stories is as important as telling stories. We always listen carefully to your stories first before we propose an approach.


Reading Stars of Gaza

Together with valued colleague Paul Andrew Costello we support and crowd-funded a unique small scale project in Gaza: Reading Stars of Gaza. It teaches young children to read, write and speak English through working with stories.




There are people. There are stories. Stories help us to adapt and to connect.

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